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Key Information

Suitable for all leaders in the South West
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Key Speakers

Your People

So what about the people?

Martin Hill-Wilson

We can all sense the change going on in our contact centres. Driven by customers, we are rebalancing live assistance with self service and proactive service. In parallel, new technologies constantly pop up to reinvent how we engage our customers and provide smarter ways to understand their needs and our performance in response. This challenges our core assumptions around the type of people we need for customer service and how we deploy them. Looking forward, most CX strategies still recognise the need for the human touch. Even in the highly automated future we are rapidly adopting. So what competencies will we need to recruit and nurture? What kind of culture and operational management will be supportive. This session from Martin unwraps the topic and explores where we are heading as contact centres.

Your Personal Brand

Effective leadership in times of change & your unique personal brand

Jess Jeary and Tim Jeary

There is no denying that contact centres are living through a period of transformational change.

Most business leaders today would agree on two things: (1) change is constant, and (2) leading change is one of the most critical factors to success.

During this session we will provide you with space to disconnect from the day-to-day and reconnect with yourself, defining your unique signature and personal brand.

Next, we'll consider what promotes or limits your effectiveness as leaders and identify the impact environmental factors have on your ability to lead.

Your Future Customers

Crowd Services

Nicola Eaton Sawford

A super-hot, new and futuristic topic. Nicola will take this session around the customer experience and journey to a new level, bringing thought provoking scenarios to some of today’s most challenging areas of delivering high quality customer service. One of the most exciting new developments in contact centres is the inclusion of customers as a part of the customer service team – “Customers on the payroll”. A whole new way to involving customers as key influencers.

Find out how your customers could directly help you reduce contact centre costs and alleviate common resourcing challenges, perhaps even improve your NPS and CSAT.

Your Future IT Strategy

The future of CX, DX and AI


Our IT Partner Avaya, will present an insightful account of the future of Customer Experience - Without exception every contact centre in the South West will be thinking about addressing their future Customer Contact Strategy. Whether this is firmly in place or you are just starting your journey…Avaya will share the latest insights into the next generation of CX, DX and AI implementations along with regional case studies with lessons learnt and return on investment shared with all.

Meet and network with industry experts

Health and wellbeing in the workplace

A key area for any contact centre looking to maximise employee engagement, provide the ultimate employee reward and reduce absence within their teams.

Meet with regional experts to learn key challenges and opportunities.

Mental health in the workplace

Mental Health in the workplace is a fundamental element which contributes to absence in the workplace. Come and meet businesses who are facing this challenge head on by committing to making a real change in their approach to this subject matter.

Developing Team leaders of the future

The Contact Centre Team Leader role is challenging, diverse and dynamic reflecting an ever-evolving world of contact centres. With such operating criteria, it is essential that our Team Leaders are developed to be the best they can be, are equipped to deliver at the highest level, identifying with key business drivers and the individual needs of the team. Join us for the launch of the SWCCF ILM accredited, levy-funded Team Leader Development Programme (cohort 2).

Contact Centre of the Year

Come along and meet Contact Centre of the Year winners who will share with you key aspects of their award winning entry!

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