Professional Services Consultancy

Who knows contact centres better than us?

Our journey began in 2008, with the creation of an employer-led contact centre forum offering strategic direction and support for members in the South West of England.

A decade later our passion for the industry has developed our knowledge across all sectors and functions including strategy, operations, process management and IT/telephony. We now feature a strong team of consultants with exceptional experience of the service industry and contact centres in the UK, Europe and world-wide.

We understand the issues and work with you in a collaborative way to ensure a step-change in culture and performance. Our consultancy offers exclusive access to skills, knowledge and expertise that will put you at the heart of innovation and best practice within the industry.

A one-stop check for organisations of all sizes, across all platforms and delivery to include on-site analysis, recommendations for development and optional support for implementation.


  • Ease of doing business (analysis of customer effort)
  • Customer outcomes
  • Customer strategy
  • Process design (six sigma / lean)


  • How engaged are the team with your strategy and brand?
  • Leadership – how well do your leaders listen to their teams?
  • Measurements and incentives that drive the right outcome
  • Emotional intelligence and the correct use of language and tone
  • Recruitment, training and development strategy and plans
  • Cohesive approach to fixing your business (how well does this work?)


  • Do your basic processes support your strategy
  • Cultural diagnostic – what does it feel like to work here?
  • Organisational design and structure
  • Transformation and support
  • Contact centre resource and planning health check
  • Benchmarking

You can choose the whole programme of delivery (approximately 10-20 days) or individual options on a day-to-day basis, depending on what you need.

We also offer retainer days where companies can ‘buy’ consultants time across a day per week, fortnight, month etc, on a semi-permanent basis to support on-going projects and transformation.

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