South West Contact Centre Forum is proud to partner with Haddon Training, part of Educ8 Training Group Limited.

Experts in delivering training and fully funded apprenticeships, Haddon is well placed to help our members address the challenges they and the wider contact centre sector face. This includes the rise of AI and changing customer expectations.

Given the fast-paced nature of our industry, recruiting and retaining high quality, customer-focused staff is a continued challenge for our members. But by working with Haddon Training, you’ll give your employees the opportunity to develop existing skills and learn new ones, showing your commitment to their future.

Working with Haddon to upskill your teams will also help with your staff retention and motivation. Plus, it can help your employees to go above and beyond for your customers and support your business growth.

And with a range of fully funded business courses to choose from, including management, team leading and customer service; your organisation can build on your current in-house training programmes. This not only provides a more holistic learning and development culture but will also help your business to stand out – positioning you as an industry leader to potential new recruits and helping to reduce your recruitment costs.

As a key supporter of the contact centre industry, Haddon Training is already working hard to support our members. To find out how Haddon can support your business growth and help you to deliver excellence in customer service, please register your details and one of their team will be in touch shortly.

Case Study: Direct Online Services

Over the past year, Direct Online Services has made a significant commitment to development through their collaboration with SWCCF and our ILM 3 Team Leader Apprenticeship program. The aim of this initiative was to enhance the skills and capabilities of their line managers while fostering collaboration and relationship-building across the entire business.

During the program, eight managers were enrolled, expanding beyond the contact centre to create a skilled management team that could effectively interlink various departments. SWCCF’s Emily Shaw played a vital role in ensuring the apprentices received a high-quality learning experience. By incorporating the organisation’s “Rules of the Game” into the sessions and relating the topics to the business and the learners’ roles, Emily ensured practical and relevant learning outcomes.

The tangible results of the program are evident in the learners’ growth and capabilities. They have developed the skills to confidently challenge their superiors, engage in difficult conversations respectfully and supportively, and achieve positive outcomes. A shining example of this progress is Adrian James, their Digital Marketing and Data Insight Manager. Adrian initially lacked confidence and involvement in team activities. However, his engagement in the program has transformed him into an approachable, passionate, and competent people manager.

The program has resulted in enhanced management skills, improved confidence, and effective communication across departments. Adrian’s personal growth and achievements serve as a powerful example of the program’s impact. Going forward, Direct Online Services will continue to prioritise development initiatives that empower their employees and drive success across the organisation.


‘Attending the ILM Level 3/Apprenticeship in Leadership has given me the opportunity to learn theories that have practical implications in the workplace. I am now able to understand certain behaviours and bring through ideas into tangible actions within my team. The course has also helped grow my confidence which I feel has come through in my everyday life. I find the sessions very engaging and is a great opportunity to challenge my co-apprentices and leaders on best practices around leadership and business. The course has been significant in terms of my own development and although the course is still in progress, I would like to thank Direct Online Services for this amazing opportunity.’ Adrian James, Digital Marketing and Data Insight Manager 

‘Emily is a very engaging presenter . She is very easy to listen to and there is the right balance of theory and practical tasks great interaction with everyone. I have taken away a lot of things that I can apply straight away. A very engaging course that I have thoroughly enjoyed.’ – Suzanne Pitman, WEX Trade Manager 

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