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This group will be renamed as the Planning, Analysis & Insights User Group. Previously known as the Planning & MI User Group, MI isn’t being forgotten–accurate information is essential to enable effective analysis & insight so it will remain one of our themes.

The Planning, Analysis & Insight User Group exists to share experiences and best practice across our region for the benefit of all.

As our businesses have evolved to meet changing demands from both customers and employees, focus has shifted away from traditional contact centre KPIs and metrics to a world where deep understanding of less tangible information is key.

To reflect this, more emphasis is being placed on analysis of complex information such as customer behaviour to provide vital insight into the underlying causes of non-value demand which can be used to drive change and improve the customer experience whilst reducing or removing unnecessary contacts.

This analysis and insight dovetails perfectly with contact centre planning functions, both in terms of existing plans forecasts based on the status quo and in assessing the impact of any proposed changes on future contact volumes and resource requirements.

Previous topics covered include planning for exceptional circumstances and major events (How do you plan for events like the World Cup or death of a royal?). Attendees are encouraged to suggest additional subjects for dicussion – what are your hot topics and current challenges? To attend the next meeting please contact group chair, Paul Allen

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Group Chair Paul Allen

Planning & Standards Manager, UCAS

I have 20 years contact centre operational and planning experience across a variety of industries, joining UCAS in 2014. I’m passionate about evolving contact centre resource planning and reporting to reflect increased automation and self-serve options for customers and to be at the core of employee wellbeing. The Planning & MI Group exists to share experiences and best practice across our region for the benefit of all.

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