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With the ever changing contact centre industry being what it is, we have a running battle to keep ourselves and our agents up to date with technology and skill. And as the Forum, we believe it is our responsibility to keep our members up-to-date with both.

Considering that agents make up a large percentage of the contact centre workforce, it is the second of these, skill set, that we are going to but a new focus on. With that in mind, we have designed and built a full range training prospectus for front-line agents. With the needs of our members at the forefront of everything we do, the prospectus will focus on two areas.

Firstly, with such a large percentage of the industry being made up from the agent population, members told us that building a set of operational skills that can be utilised across all areas was a massive want so we will be delivering workshops on sales and customer service, multi-channel communication, time management and dealing with difficult calls as a starting point.

Secondly, in the management arena, we will deliver sessions on creating a high performing culture, mentoring, moving into management and much more.

We will also be delivering a Train the Trainer course which will be open to all levels.

The overall aim of the prospectus is to increase and refine skill sets across the industry, to create a pride in the job mentality and an industry that people will want to belong to.

Sessions run

Hone Agent Skills Workshops
Sales through Service
Using Your Voice for Your Success
Dealing with Difficult Customers
The Customer Journey. Why it Matters
What is Multi Channel?
Time Management as a Skill

From Agent to Leader Workshops
Knowledge is Power
Presentation Skills
No Train, No Gain

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Upcoming sessions

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