MARCE Awards 2023

Marketing & Creative Excellence Presented by the Experience Marketing Association, the Marketing & Creative Excellence (MARCE) awards, are a coveted symbol of industry leadership, rewarding organisations who demonstrate the highest standards of creativity in marketing and customer experience. This year, the award ceremony took place in Annapolis, Maryland, in the US. Premier CX were awarded 3 MARCE awards in recognition of the work undertaken to improve the caller experience journey for their clients. Those awards were: Read full case studies here

Calling Time on Poor Health in Contact Centres

Call North West and South West Contact Centre Forum are joining forces with Liverpool John Moores University and Lancaster University on a new 3-year research project. The project The project explores how contact centres can improve the health and work conditions of their advisors. “We will work with the sector to explore what centres currently do and find out why some centres are more proactive at helping their advisors than others, and look at the most effective policies and interventions,” explained Dr Lee Graves, a Senior Lecturer in Physical Activity and Health at Liverpool John Moores University’s Research Institute for Sport and Exercise Sciences. The project will create resources and guidance that contact centres can use to implement policies and … Read More

89% of UK Contact Centre leaders say that the Covid-19 crisis has changed the UK Contact Centre industry forever.

Cardiff, UK, 28th July 2020.  According to a major new industry survey “What Will Your Contact Centre Be Like Post Lockdown?”, 77% of contact centres had 50% or more of their employees working from home during the current Covid-19 crisis with 62% stating that, if there was a second wave, they needed to understand how to do homeworking better.  Recognising the significant impact of the current crisis on the future of the industry, 83% of contact centre leaders said that they will be revising their Business Continuity Strategy/Plan to address the possibility of subsequent waves of Coronavirus – with 56% of stating that they should use technology to manage customer contacts more effectively.  40% said that they were planning to … Read More

Making a Success of Contact Centre Home-working

Mark Walton, Sensee While there aren’t many official rules that businesses must adhere to during the Coronavirus (Covid-19) crisis, there is plenty of helpful advice. On 11th March, for example, The Chartered Institute of Personnel Development issued a factsheet to help businesses support their operations and workforce  In a section entitled “Develop flexible resourcing plans” the CIPD recommends developing “strategies to maximise the amount of home working to prevent the spread of infection”. For many management roles, transitioning to home-based working will be as simple as ensuring managers have a reliable computer and phone.  For contact centre operations, however, switching to homeworking – and doing so with scalability and cost-efficiency – is a lot more complex. As a home-based … Read More

Friday Update

Join us for our Friday Update and join our Industry Community Group South West & Northern Contact Centres Join Us at 11am for ‘Friday Update’  30 minutes of valuable insight – Friday Update always worthwhile attending whilst such change is taking place in every contact centre operation throughout the UK Friday Update – the weekly session bringing a space to ask questions, share insights and support one another journey.  Each week we cover different subject matter giving all the chance to comment throughout an insightful and worthwhile session. Join contact centre professionals from around the UK, who connect to discuss the latest in topical issues as the industry strives to establish the ‘new normal’ We are back this Friday at 11am for the … Read More