Webinar: Six Quick Fixes to Make Your Homeworkers More Productive

Jane Thomas, Director of SWCCF will chair a contact centre webinar: Six Quick Fixes to Make Your Homeworkers More Productive on Wednesday, 16th March 2022, 12:00 – 1.00pm In this webinar, we’ll discuss how to build team spirit and make your homeworkers more productive: What leadership techniques and activities will help glue together homeworking and hybrid communities? What are the different ways a Team Leader can encourage their team to engage socially? How does a Team Leader motivate their team on a day-to-day basis? How can you have a flexible ‘choose your own hours ‘ approach and still meet inbound demand? What communication methods can you use in a virtual workplace (e.g. for process changes, account engagement or general updates) and how … Read More

Sensée expands senior management team as interest in home-based CX Outsourcing builds momentum

Hammersmith, London. Sensée, the work-from-home (WFH) and hybrid workplace specialist, is pleased to announce several senior appointments in response to a significant growth in demand for WFH Customer Experience (CX) Outsourcing in 2021. Simon Hunter has joined the company as Chief Commercial Officer. Simon is an experienced sales and marketing leader with over 15 years’ experience within the CX industry at multiple CX outsourcing businesses including Woven, Hinduja Global Solutions, Ant Marketing and VOICE Marketing. Sensée is also pleased to announce the appointment of two new Service Delivery Directors (SDDs). Tracy Marks brings a wealth of experience within utilities, insurance and outsourcing from recent roles at iSupply Energy, Ageas and Comdata; while Dan Philp has been internally promoted to the SDD role … Read More

Complaints at an all-time high – here’s what to do about them

Customer satisfaction is intrinsically linked to strong business performance. In today’s world, customers have more power than ever and are able to share their experience with your business in a variety of ways – from online reviews to social media and beyond. This is great, if they’re talking about your organisation in a positive light, but what if you fail to provide a positive customer experience? Your customers will complain. According to a recent survey by the Institute of Customer Service, customer complaints are at their highest level in 12 years. While Google search trends show searches for ‘how to complain’ have been rising steadily since 2010, reaching its peak in March 2021. Jo Causon, chief executive at The Institute of Customer Service, said: … Read More

How to serve vulnerable customers

In a recent survey, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) warned that 28 million adults in the UK were now deemed “vulnerable”. If you take payments for client businesses, or collect debts, this is a hugely important finding. The FCA recently widened its definition of a vulnerable customer. While it includes more commonly known groups, such as the elderly and those with certain health conditions. It now also includes individuals that are sometimes more difficult to identify, like people with addictions, those who need care from others and those with low financial resilience. In many ways this was a progressive step, and the concept of vulnerability has shed a lot of stigma over the last few years. Today, people are more … Read More

One in five firms admit to using secret spy software

Remote working has presented various challenges over the past 18 months. From adapting to working alone, to trying to create a work life balance when your workspace is suddenly in your living room. For managers, it’s also presented new challenges in terms of how to manage a workforce remotely, keeping staff motivated and morale high. For those in leadership positions, the transition to managing a remote workforce and onboarding staff without ever meeting them face-to-face has been, and continues to be, tough. With these increased challenges, a growing number of managers and businesses have begun ‘spying’ on their staff to ensure they’re working to the same standards as they were when in the office. Remote surveillance So how exactly are … Read More

UK businesses have been slow to move back to the office says new poll

Hammersmith, London. A poll conducted by online contact centre and customer service magazine Call Centre Helper and home and hybrid working specialist Sensée, reveals that UK businesses have been slow to move back to the office post lockdown. It also indicates that a single clear model for optimising hybrid (home/office) working has yet to emerge. 213 business professionals responded to the October 2021 online poll.   43 percent of people responding to the poll said that between 0 and 25 percent of their employees had returned to the office since lockdown ended – with just 20 percent of respondents stating that between 76 and 100 percent of employees had returned. “According to our poll results, the return to the office seems a lot slower … Read More

Contact centre homeworking specialist Sensée launches ‘The Sensée Forest’ with aim of achieving carbon neutrality

Hammersmith, London. Home and hybrid working specialist Sensée has announced a three-year partnership with Treedom, a global web platform for planting trees and forests worldwide. The partnership is part of a broader Sensée programme to reduce the company’s carbon footprint and become the first 100% work-from-home business to achieve certification for carbon neutrality. Sensée, established 17 years ago and with no physical contact centres, already has an estimated 90% lower carbon footprint than a typical office-based contact centre. The Sensée Forest will contain nearly 3000 trees, each gifted to permanent Sensée employees over the next three years – with each person able to select their own tree species, in the territory of their choice, using the Treedom web platform. Initially, these choices will include Tephrosia, … Read More

5 steps to AI success: leading contact centers to a Netflix-like customer experience

We’re in an era of effortless customer experience (CX), driven by brands like Netflix and Amazon, who have pushed CX to new heights. Consumers worldwide have grown accustomed to personalized and frictionless journeys, yet many are unaware that it is Artificial Intelligence (AI) raising the bar for this gold-standard customer experience.  Having a connected brand experience across the entire customer journey is essential to transform CX the right way, and it must include contact centers. The adoption of artificial intelligence continues to rise every year, but despite this increase there are still blockers keeping organizations from full AI implementation. In order to leverage its full potential, AI must be implemented across people, operations and technology in four different intelligence layers … Read More

Scottish firm continues expansion with new Cape Town operation

Ascensos has announced its expansion into South Africa with the opening of a new operation in Cape Town.  The leading customer service outsourcing firm, which is headquartered in Motherwell, employs over 3,000 colleagues and has expanded internationally since its 2013 launch, with its network of offices now spanning the Isle of Wight, Bucharest and Istanbul, as well as several bases in Scotland.  Officially opening later this month, the new operation in Cape Town will create 150 jobs initially, with plans to grow the number of positions to 600 in its first year.  John Devlin, CEO and co-founder of Ascensos, said: “Cape Town is a premier location with a fantastic talent pool and it’s a well-established market for English-speaking service delivery.  … Read More