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Health & Wellbeing Strategy

Training to Develop Your Business Health and Wellbeing Strategy                      

This exclusive new training initiative from the South West Contact Centre Forum offers members a cost effective training solution with the objective of employers developing their Health and Wellbeing Strategy.


  The Wellbeing Framework

  Gathering Input & Data

  Wellbeing for BAU

  Leading Wellbeing

Dates Please note new dates will be confirmed shortly

Location  Bristol

Flexible training that does the business!

The programme consists of four content packed days designed to ensure that every delegate has an exceptional and truly insightful experience. The four sessions are designed to offer delegates the opportunity to be flexible in their choice- attend all four and come away with a complete strategy document or select a specific topic on a one off basis to underpin current business practice. All sessions have been geared to provide an ideal opportunity for delegates to share experience and challenges as well as be guided towards key considerations when building such a key performance tool.

Session 1: The Wellbeing Framework

·       The case for implementing wellbeing in the workplace

·       Challenges and experiences in dealing with management and employee wellbeing

·       Setting your vision and organisational goals

·       Setting up a wellbeing programme and organisation structure 

·       Effective communication

Session 2: Gathering Input and Data

·       Understanding the six areas of work design that can affect stress

·       Identifying organisational stressors

·       Gathering data and input from stakeholders and employees

·       Effective inclusion and engagement

·       Setting the scope / How to measure success and ROI

Session 3: Wellbeing for BAU

·       Embedding wellbeing in daily working practices

·       Accessibility of wellbeing activities

·    The link between stress and absenteeism

·       Managing wellbeing through organisational change

·       Challenges of business needs versus employee wellbeing

Session 4: Leading Wellbeing

·       Creating a culture of wellbeing

·       What does a healthy and successful team look like

·       Using organisational resources

·       Leading and exemplifying wellbeing

·       Setting availability and boundaries in managing wellbeing issues

·       Embedding into HR processes

The benefits of attending these great sessions include:

   Sharing best practice with other leaders from the region

   High value training content at low operational  cost

   Discounts for block booking of 4 sessions

   Fast paced and interactive content

   Put into immediate action back at your work place


Cost for members: Per session £249 + VAT. All 4 sessions £800 + VAT

Cost for non-members: Per session £350 + VAT. All 4 sessions £1050 + VAT


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