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#AgentFest Feedback

Comments received from RAC delegates: 

“The day was enjoyable, and informative. It was nice to meet other people who deal with customers even if it wasn’t in a sales capacity, and be able  share their thoughts and ours as well.”

“I found the first talk about your brain and how it works interesting. It really made me think about myself as a person and also how I really need to try and dip into the other parts of my brain a bit more! All to do with taking myself out of my comfort zone.

The question and answer session from contact centre managers was again inspiring. Some of the advice given I have already started to put into practise.”

“We had a really good time, it was nice to meet people from other centres who do similar jobs. The most interesting part was when we were sharing best practice. It’s something I definitely think should be a yearly thing so that more agents can be exposed to it.”

“We had a workshop on ‘think, feel, know’ which was good for us to understand the customer mind set. For example if a customer was a ‘knower’ they were someone who concentrates on facts so we should respond in that manner. If they were a ‘feeler’ it’s easier to connect by producing scenarios or telling a story.”

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